In the spirit of giving back, and stewardship the West Bend Columns organization began with humble roots in 1926.  During 1926 West Bend High School alumni contributed to a fund used for $50 book awards given to outstanding graduates, thus the first form of scholarships for the organization.   The West Bend High School Alumni Foundation was established in 1945 and solicited funds for book awards and for a broader base of financial support.   The foundation merged with the West Bend Scholarship Fund, Inc. in 1972 and COLUMNS was born.  That year they distributed $16,550 in scholarships. 

Since 2008 COLUMNS has awarded close to or over $200,000 each year in scholarships, with 2013 seeing scholarships totaling $262,800 awarded to graduating seniors.COLUMNS is headed by a board of directors, and general membership of over 65 members.  COLUMNS produces several annual fundrasiing events.  The organization is proud of the history they have establish with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the benefit concerts they produce for the purpose of fundraising as well as the annual "Not Just a Walk in the Park" 5k Run/Walk.  ents that help contribute to the overall fund giving thousands of dollars annually to